1. little, tiny, teeny, pint-sized; wee, mini, short, Inf. sawed-off, snub; Inf. teeny-weeny, Inf. itty-bitty, Inf. itsy-bitsy, Inf. itty, Inf. eensy-ween-sy; Lilliputian, elfin, like Tom Thumb, pygmy, dwarf, Inf. peewee; baby, bantam, diminutive, (of a woman) petite, minikin; midget, miniature, miniscule, minute, atomic; puny, runty, stunted, bonsaied, dwarfed, scrubby, shrunken.
2. thin, slender, slight, dainty, slim, lean, spare, gracile; narrow as an arrow, thin as six o'clock, slender as a thread, thin as a reed, reed-like; tapered, indented, narrow, drawn out, fine-drawn, attenuated; narrow-ish, isthmian, narrow-gauged, like a needle's eye.
3. brief, limited, abbreviated; curt, compact, condensed, terse, succinct, laconic, clipped, concise.
4. insufficient, inadequate, wanting, skimpy, scanty, scant; meager, Inf. dinky, exiguous; too little, too small, piddling, not enough; unsatisfactory, unequal to the need or demand, incommensurate; nominal, negligible, Inf. measly, mere, beggarly, poor.
5. unimportant, trifling, minor, secondary; nugatory, inconsequential, insignificant, inappreciable; not vital, immaterial, obscure, unknown, unnoticed; lesser, subordinate, lower, second-fiddle; subsidiary, ancillary, second-class, third-class, small-time, minor-league, bush, bush-league; small-town, one-horse, Sl. two-bit, Sl. tinhorn, Sl. small potatoes, small-fry; Sl. mickey-mouse, baby, small-time, Sl. rinky-dink, Inf. no great shakes, Dial. no account; (all of a business)- small-scale, private, individual, owner-run, mom-and-pop.
6. humble, modest, unpretentious, plain; common, commonplace, ordinary, humdrum; simple, poor, plebian, low-ranking, inferior; homely, homespun, unrefined, vulgar, ill-bred, lowbred, uncouth; shabby, scruffy, Inf. slumy, slum-like, scrubby; low, ignoble, inglorious, base; ignominious, sordid, squalid.
7. mean, petty, stingy, parsimonious; niggardly, cheap, selfish, grudging, penny-pinching, stinting, begrudging, uncharitable, illiberal, unaltruistic; tight, miserly, carking, skin-flinty; penurious, tight-fisted, close, close-fisted, Scrooge-like, Inf yankee.
8. limited, insular, parochial, provincial, uncatholic, Sociol. ethnocentric, limited in one's horizons or scope; biased, prejudiced, bigoted; one-sided, opinionated, close-minded; ultra-conservative, rigid, creed-bound; prim, puritanical, Inf. stuffy.
9. weak, diluted, dilute; watery, thinned, reduced, insipid, wishy-washy; (all of sound or the voice) gentle, soft, low, light, faint, whispering; quiet, delicate, hushed, indistinct; murmuring, subdued, muted, muffled, stifled, barely audible.
10. feel small be mortified, be chagrined, be humiliated; be discomforted, Inf. be put down, be disconcerted, be discomposed; be brought down, be degraded; be redfaced, be sheepish, be ashamed, be shamefaced, be hangdog; feel like a failure, feel like two cents, Inf. feel like a goose.
11. common people, the meek, the meek and the small; the masses, hoi polloi, the vulgus; proletariat, plebians, the multitude, the many; the rank and file, Contemptuous. ragtag and bobtail, the vulgar herd, the poor, the great unwashed, the underprivileged.

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